Our companies



Plantas is a supplier of potted plants, mixed plant arrangements, cut flowers, and bouquets to Danish supermarkets, wholesalers, and export market


ProFlora is a company with focus on cut flowers and plants for the professional florist. ProFlora has several different sales channels: webshop, sales trucks, and Cash & Carry stores.

EuroFlora has since its foundation mainly focused on  houseplants. Over the years we have gained a great broad know-how on international flower sales.

EuroTrend is offering a wide range of ceramic to our customers throughout Europe. We watch the trends, and  we are always able to present interesting seasonal articles.

Plantas Poland

In 2021, Plantas Group established the subsidiary Plantas Poland. The company produces bouquets for the retail sector.

In 2022, Plantas Group establishes a new subsidiary in Germany. Plantas Germany GmbH is located in Herongen, at the same site as the Rhein-Maas flower and plant auction.

Flora Nordic was established in 2007 as a joint partnership between Blomsterringen and Plantas Group. The company is located in Aalsmeer, near Royal Flora Holland.

FloraService was founded in 2010, with a focus on the convenience market, offering ready-to-go products.